Lindy Hop Dance Class

Group activity with Lindy Hop dance class with Heiko and Larissa (Basel Jitterbugs).
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Jump Factory

Group activity at the Jump Facotry in Münchenstein.

Ilaria Zardo: Physicist at the University of Basel

In Italy, female high school graduates choose to study physics much more naturally than has been the case in Switzerland. Ilaria Zardo was one of these young Italian women who first became enthusiastic about studying physics and later about…

#NCCRWomen: Begoña Abad, Physicist.

Meet Begoña Abad, a physicist and postdoc working in the Nanophononics group at the University of Basel. Begoña is characterizing the properties of ultra-small materials with the help of lasers. The #NCCRWomen campaign introduces you to a…

International Women's Day

Eight women from the SNI network introduce themselves. You too can become part of our network. You can find information at:
Women in Science

February 11 is International Day of Women and Girls in Science: Ilaria Zardo

Meet five women and role models who work in the SPIN network and learn why they chose a career in science, what they love about their work, which obstacles women in science face to this day and which joint efforts of men and women alike are…
Grazia Raciti

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With mirrors, lasers and finesse

Doctoral candidate Grazia Raciti researches the dynamics of phonons as part of the Eucor program QUSTEC. Her lab experiments rely on mirrors, lasers and lots of finesse. When she isn't tinkering with gadgets, she helps undergraduates with…

Women in science: When female physicists network

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science will take place on 11 February. To mark this day, physicists from the University of Basel are hosting a public panel discussion with guests from industry and research. The aim is to…

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Better thermal conductivity due to modified atomic arrangement

Tailoring the thermal conductivity of materials is a current challenge in nanoscience. Researchers from the University of Basel, together with colleagues from the Netherlands and Spain, have shown that atomic vibrations that determine…

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Basel researchers make important discovery in nanoscience

Researchers from the University of Basel have made great strides with respect to the thermal conductivity of materials. With components becoming increasingly smaller in electronics and computers, thermal conductivity is becoming more and…