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Master Thesis for Students in Physics and Nanoscience

Master Thesis for Students in Physics and Nanoscience on Structural and thermoelectric characterization of polycrystalline silicon nanotubes

World Quantum Day 2023

This year, to celebrate the World Quantum Day, NCCR SPIN asked scientists of the department of physics what they thought of first when they hear the world “Quantum”. Discover their answers in the video!
ST Farewell

Farewell Party of Saeko

We have to say goodbye to an group member. Saeko will move back to Japan to start there a permanent position. Even though we are sad to let her, we are also very happy for her that she found this position. We wish her the best for her…

Emmy Noether Distinction for Ilaria Zardo

Professor Dr. Ilaria Zardo of the Department of Physics and Swiss Nanoscience Institute at the University of Basel will be awarded the Emmy Noether Distinction of the European Physical Society (EPS) in the mid-career category. The physicist…

Upcoming Event "Tinguely Entangled"

Luca Scarzella, visual artist, came to visit one of our labs last week, to collect some visual images of quantum eperiments! "Tinguely Entangled" is a multidisciplinary art and science performance mixing quantum physics, music and visual…
Diego's defense

Congratulations to Diego de Matteis for the successful defense

Diego de Matteis has successfully completed his doctoral studies today! On behalf of the research group we congratulate him!

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The 2022 applied physics by pioneering women: a roadmap

Women have made significant contributions to applied physics research and development, and their participation is vital to continued progress. Recognizing these contributions is important for encouraging increased involvement and creating…

Welcome Ahmad Zenji

On the 1st of February Ahmad Zenji started in our group as a postdoctoral researcher. He will be joining the PRIMA grant of Begoña Abad in the project "Correlative metrologies to probe thermal, elastic and electron-phonon properties in…

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Group Bowling

Bowling activity at Arena Bowling in Basel.

Group Retreat at Zschokke-Haus

Trip to the beautiful Swiss mountains in the region of Titlis.