Welcome back Johannes Trautvetter

On the 3rd of October Johannes Trautvetter started in our group as a doctoral candidate. All the best for your project!

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Phonon Transport in GaAs and InAs Twinning Superlattices

Crystal phase engineering gives access to new types of periodic nanostructures, such as the so-called twinning superlattices, where the motif of the superlattice is determined by a periodic rotation of the crystal. Here, by means of…
Begona Abad Mayor

Begoña Abad receives PRIMA grant

Begoña Abad will be able to continue her research starting her own team. She will be developing "Correlative metrologies to probe thermal, elastic and electron-phonon properties in nano-engineered materials"

Aswathi Kanjampurath Sivan was appointed a Georg H. Endress Postdoc Fellow

Congratulations to Aswathi Kanjampurath Sivan who was appointed a Georg H. Endress Postdoc Fellow

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GaAs/GaP superlattice nanowires: growth, vibrational and optical properties

Nanowire geometry allows semiconductor heterostructures to be obtained that are not achievable in planar systems, as in, for example, axial superlattices made of large lattice mismatched materials. This provides a great opportunity to…

Group BBQ

BBQ event at Kannenfeldpark Basel.

Welcome Jose-Manuel Sojo-Gordillo

On the 19th of April Jose-Manuel Sojo-Gordillo started in our group as a visiting scientist. He will stay with us until the end of June.

World Quantum Day 2022

What comes to your mind, hearing quantum? In celebration of the "World Quantum Day" on the 14th of April 2022, laypeople and researchers were asked what they relate to the word "quantum", what quanta are and in which research they performe…

In one scentence: What is Quantum?

April 14 is WorldQuantumDay2022. Researchers of NCCR SPIN were asked a simple question: Can you tell me in one sentence, what quantum is? See what they answer.
Saeko Tachikawa

Welcome Saeko Tachikawa to the Group

On the 11th of April Saeko Tachikawa started her post doc in our group.