FS 2022 - Semiconductor Physics (4KP)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ilaria Zardo
Time and place: Dienstag, 10.15-12.00, Department of Physics, Seminarzimmer 3.12

Time and place: Mittwoch, 12.00-13.00, Department of Physics, Seminarzimmer 3.12

This lecture is given in English


This lecture provides a general overview of the fundamental aspects of semiconductor physics, of the electrical and optical properties of semiconductors with examples of their application in devices. The following topics will be covered:

- Electronic band structure
- Vibrational properties of semiconductors and electron-phonon interaction
- Defects in semiconductors
- Electrical transport
- Optical properties
- Effect of quantum confinement on electrons and phonon in semiconductors


Physics 1-4, Condensed Matter Physics


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