FS 2021 - Proseminar: Condensed Matter Physics

Time and place: Thursday 12:15-14:00, Department of Physics, Seminarzimmer 4.1


Physics 1-4, Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Mechanics, (parallel in 6th semester Statistical Mechanics)


Selected topics from experimental and theoretical condensed matter physics.

In previous semesters, a number of condensed matter physics proseminars have existed, e.g. Proseminar Oberflächenphysik, Proseminar theoretische Physik (condensed matter) and Proseminar Physik der kondensierten Materie (general introductory KoMa proseminar). These were merged into a single proseminar covering the entire broad spectrum of condensed matter physics including both theoretical as well as experimental condensed matter physics. This should result in a larger number of participants, providing a broader range of topics and feedback, thus improving the learning experience.

Note that in the fall semester, the proseminar in experimental nano- and quantumphysics is organized as a more advanced proseminar covering state-of-the-art and/or recent research results.


Students will pick one topic (from a list, or suggest your own topic) and present it to the class (30 minutes talk plus discussion), with the goal of giving a pedagogical introduction at a level that can be followed by the class. The slides (pdf) and a 2 page summary (pdf, from LaTeX) are to be handed in. No problem sets. Topics from both theoretical and experimental condensed matter physics are available.


  • Learn selected topics of condensed matter physics (more advanced compared to the introductory lecture of the fall semester)
  • Presentation skills
  • Discussion skills
  • Literature research

Teaching assistants

The teaching assistants (TAs) will guide the students through the preparation of the talk and 2-page summary. Also, there will be a demo talk done by a TA to give a good example.


March 4

1st meeting, room 4.1, 12:15pm, infos and organization

March 11

TA's demo presentations

by March 14

email Ilaria Zardo topic of choice
(plus two alternatives. First come, first serve)

March 18

TA assignments, presentation dates

April 15

student presentations start
There will be typically two presentations per week.
Please note that March 29 and May 10 are holidays.


Number grades 1-6 will be awarded, based on the in-class presentation and the 2-page summary. Students are expected to attend class every Thursday. Students and TAs will fill out a feedback form (anonymous) after each talk giving the presenter an evaluation. Please note that the preparation is a considerable effort (4KP).



Teaching Team

Dr. Gerard Gadea (coordinator)


Dr. Andreas Kuhlmann


Diego De Matteis


Kristopher Cerveny


Yashpreet Kaur


Prof. Ilaria Zardo


Proseminar Talks

Time and place: Thursday 12:15-14:00, Department of Physics, Seminarzimmer 4.1