University of Basel

HS 2016 - Nanophononics: manipulation of sound and heat (4KP)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ilaria Zardo
Time and place: Thursday 08:15-10:00, Department of Physics, Seminarzimmer 4.1

Tutorials: Dr. Marta de Luca, Zakaria Azdad, Davide Cadeddu
Time and place: Wednesday 08:15-10:00, Department of Physics, Seminarzimmer 3.12

This lecture is given in English


Phonons are the physical particles representing mechanical vibrations and are responsible for the transmission of sound and heat. This lecture aims at introducing the fundamentals for understanding phonon physics, theoretical and experimental methods for phonon transport description and engineering. Furthermore, we will study examples of newly developed phononic materials and devices.

1. Phonons: an introduction

2. Quantum theory of the harmonic crystals

3. Anharmonic effects

4. Inelastic light scattering

5. Thermal measurements and neutron inelastic light scattering

6. Thermal circuit elements (I)

7. Thermal circuit elements (II)

8. Thermoelectrics

9. Coherent phonons

10. Coherent phonon transport

11. PhoXonic crystals and optomechanical systems

12. Manipulation of sound

Problem sets and handouts
1. Phonon dispersion

2. Quantum harmonic oscillator and density of vibrational states

3. Specific heat

4. Inelastic light scattering

5. Inelastic neutron scattering

6. Thermal conductivity