University of Basel

Welcome to the Nanophononics group

The Nanophononics group is located in the Department of Physics of the University of Basel. The group interest is focused into the investigation of fundamental physical processes occurring in nanostructures. In particular, we want to explore and engineer lattice dynamics and phonon transport at the nanoscale. We will study mainly low dimensional systems, as they allow the modification of their phonon properties to a large extent.
In the same way as the control of photons and electrons has enabled extraordinary achievements in the field of electronic and optoelectronic applications, the manipulation of phonons embeds enormous potential to control heat and sound conduction in solids, which is of fundamental and applicative interest. In fact, the interaction between phonons and charge carriers, spins, and photons is pivotal in many electronic, optoelectronic, quantum, sonic and thermal devices.

We aim at investigating new regimes of lattice vibrations for which conventional phonon concepts may not apply. To this purpose, we are developing complex experimental techniques in which Raman spectroscopy is combined with electrical measurements.

time_resolv_Raman_def For investigating the phonon lifetime, phonon coherence and interference, we perform ultrafast spatially-resolved and time-resolved Inelastic Light Scattering experiments.

Apart from the fundamental interest, our studies can provide new pathways and platforms to improve the thermoelectric properties of nanostructures and to realize phonon-based quantum memories.